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    Print field content



      Print field content


      Hello, I'musingFileMakerpro10onWindowsVista, andwouldliketoknowifthere'sawaytoprintacertainfieldcontent , notallthepage.





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          Not really. You need to make a layout with just that field on it.

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            i did so, but my field's content is too large ( a log report ) so i need a way to print this info.

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              Make the field many lines tall and set it to Slide up, reduce (resize) the size of the enclosing part. This should preview and print like you desire providing you can make the field large enough. The sliding is not visible in browse mode.


              (Since a log consists of many entries, it may make more sense in the long run to divide up your many entries in to separate records to be displayed in a list or table view for printing. In that format you will need less (possibly no) sliding and it's easier to read in browse mode.)

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                Is there a way to divide my field into columns or to divide my field content into 2 or more different fields ???

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                  Filemaker has many text functions that prove useful for such tasks. If the text has  consistant format so that you can determine where to split the text, you can use calculations in calculatin fields or in a script to parse out the text in one field into multiple fields and also multiple records.

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                    I could need your help on how could i split my text into 2 fields on a certain number of ( Break line ) !

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                      You can use the GetValue function for this.


                      GetValue(textfield ; 1 )


                      returns all the text preceding the first line break. GetValue (text field; 2 ) would return all the text between the 1st and 2nd line breaks.


                      There are also ways to use the position, left, right and middle functions to extract portions of text from your field. You can use the ¶ symbol in a position function to find the position of a specific instance of that character.