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Print Form Creation help

Question asked by DanielClark on Feb 2, 2011
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Print Form Creation help


I am trying to create a print form for my Purchase Orders. I have been using the built in Invoices starting solution as a guide however, things don't quite work out so well for my solution. So I have a Purchase Orders table, and a Line Items table. The Line Items table is a portal in my Purchase Orders layout - pretty much exactly like the Invoices solution. I copied their solution in making a print form for my PO's as well, by linking a PO-Print layout that I made to the Line Items table. And then basically copying the way they did that as well, by making a basic header that pulls things like shipping addresses and customer information from the PO - putting the actual Line items in the body - which is about the width of the fields put into it so it looks like a nice list - and then putting my totals in the Trailing Grand Summary Part. Now with all of this - I have run into a few issues:

1) My PO Total field (as well as any other fields) are not displaying any information when theyre in the Trailing Grand Summary or the Header Part of the layout . However, when I move them to the Body Part of the Layout, all of a sudden, I can see the information that the fields should be pulling. But I want the Totals and other information to be down at the bottom of the form, in the Trailing Grand Summary Part (like it is in the Invoices). Why is their solution working and mine not? What gives here? How can I fix it?

2) Another thing is I noticed that if I make another PO, and have Line Items to that, and go back and check the PO-Print Layout, it just adds all the Line Items together for 1 giant PO as oppose to separating them out for different PO's. How does the Invoice solution work to show only the items from the PO going to this layout (being printed)?