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Print Inserted File

Question asked by sksmith2517 on May 25, 2011
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Print Inserted File


I have 4 inserted files per record.  2 are global fields - a Welcome Letter and a Next Steps Letter -  and are referenced files. Two others are fields specific to the record - a profile PDF of the country of residence, etc.

I want to create a script so that I can print a packet containing these files as well as a bio sheet layout.

My first attempt at the script printed the layout on which the referenced file resided - not the file itself. Is there a way to invoke the referenced file, print it and go to the next step in the script? Do I pause the script, print the external file, then return to FMPro to continue? even if that works, is there a better way?  I had already created a script to print the bio sheet layout and that part worked fine.