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    print issue



      print issue


           using filemaker pro 10 on windows microsoft xp, professional version 2002, service pack 3

           trying to print directory in list view format.  however when it prints and also in preview it is not in list view format, which is what i require.

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               A more complete description of your layout may be necessary to get to the correct answer.

               Have you selected either list or table view before entering preview mode?

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                 yes,  i print it from list view and although it looks good on my screen, it prints out differently

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                   Then you will need to describe what you are doing in much more detail so we can understand how your layout is designed and how you are printing from it.

                   Do you use print from the file menu? or are you using a script to print?

                   Did you select "current record" or "records being browsed"?

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                     i am printing from file. don't know how to do it from scripts. and yes printing records being browsed

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                       And how is your layout designed? How is the table from which that layout displays data designed?

                       Without a more detailed understanding of your database design, I can't offer any additional assistance.

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                         i feel it has something to do with the layout, but i dont know how to fix it.  i dont know how to describe how the layout is designed. i inherited the program and didn't actually do the original design.

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                           Click Edit layout to enter layout mode while on this layout.

                           Capture a screen shot of this layout--be sure to include the status toolbar at the top.

                           Upload this image using the "upload an image" control listed below "Post a new Answer".

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                             how do i capture a screen shot?

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                               In windows, press shift Print Scrn Get shot of whole monitor screen or press Alt Print Scrn to get a shot of just the front most window. Then open windows paint or another image editing program and paste. You can then edit the image if needed and save the image to one of the file formats listed with the upload an image controls.

                               If you are a Mac user, there should be a key combination that can be used, but I haven't used a Mac in years so you'll need to ask a Mac user.

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                                 On a Mac:

                            •           Command-Shift-3: Take a screenshot of the screen, and save it as a file on the desktop
                            •           Command-Shift-4, then select an area: Take a screenshot of an area and save it as a file on the desktop
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                                   Windows screencapture  Free Utility MWSnap
                                   Captures FullScreen, Window, SelectedArea, FixedSizeBox
                                   Saves as most image file formats.

                                   Command+Shift+3  full screen to desktop by default (location can be set)
                                   Command+Shift+Control+3   Full Screen to clipboard
                                   Control+Shift+4   cursor to crosshair  -  capture selected area to file on desktop (or other location)
                                   Control+Shift+4  then click space bar  -  cursor to camera  -  hover over preferred window (even background) click file saved to desktop
                                   Control+Shift+4  then click space bar  -  cursor to camera  -  click and hold Control  -  window captured to clipboard.