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    Print issue Line-height

    Benjamin Fehr


      Print issue Line-height


       Is this a known bug or am I doing wrong anyhow? Printlayout, Text with 1,1 line height. Print on Mac as expected. Print on Win with wrong line-height.


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               Is all the field label text part of the same text object?

               I ran a simple test using Windows XP. And definitely see an increase in line spacing when I specify 1.1 in the Height box on the Appearance tab. But Windows and Mac platforms do not use exactly the same horizontal and vertical spacing for the same text so I wouldn't try to use a single block of text for the field lables on such a layout if it will be used on both systems.

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                 PS. possible bug reports should be Posted in Report an Issue where TS personnel look for such posts and will respond with confirmation, an explanation as to why it isn't a bug or with a request for more information if such is needed.

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              Benjamin Fehr
              @PhilModJunk: Just wanted to check if this issue hasn't been reported before. Though you're the man:-) If YOU don't know of any report, there isn't any. After a 120hours working week I'm not in anything like a peaceful state of mind as you can see: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/b1c899934a
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                          If YOU don't know of any report, there isn't any.

                     Flattering, but not the case. There are many bugs reported in Report an Issue that it turns out is known to Filemaker but not to me. a) my memory isn't that good and b) I only track publicly acknowledged bugs reported in Report and Issue and bugs not all bugs get reported there. Some, for example are reported via phone call to Filemaker Tech Support or discovered during internal testing--all data sources for which I have no access as a fellow database user.

                     If you think it's a possible bug, you should still report it in Report an Issue. If it turns out not to be a bug or one that was previously reported, no harm done. If it turns out to be a new bug, we've got the report right where it needs to be for the TS people to read and respond to.

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                  Benjamin Fehr
                   I blame FMI for not having them all listed up here! We need to know with which issues we have to deal with to make ours FM-Products as reliable and fast as possible and not loosing that much time on workarounds. Having you doing the hole bug inventory job is a very valuable thing, - many thanks once more. … but actually should be done by FMI :-(
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                         The lack of such a publicly accessible list is why I created first the Known Bug List threads and then the downloadable, periodically updated Known Bugs List database. It is not perfect but it represented an improvement over not having any such searchable source at all.

                         It's also what ultimately led the "powers that be" at FileMaker to invite me to serve as their first "community leader" in this forum.

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                      Benjamin Fehr

                      presumably resolved with FMPA14 √

                      not tested with Classic-Theme