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    Print Labels Partial Sheet



      Print Labels Partial Sheet


      When invoicing, we often have the need to print multiple labels using one of our Avery label sheets (the kind with individual sticky labels on it). All too often, however, these sheets are partially used.

      I'm looking for a way in FM to identify the records to print and then tell FM which label from the partially used sheet to start printing on.

      Can anyone help me out with this? This seems like too common a scenario for there not to be a readily-available solution for this.

      Any help here is much appreciated!

      Thank You!

      Blake C

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          "Identify the records to print" in filemaker comes down to setting up a found set of records that you want to print. You can perform a find for specific records, define a check box field in the table so that you can select records by clicking the check box and then performing the find for the records....

          The partially used page, is the part the requires a bit more thought. Filemaker will always print the current record putting the first record in the top left label position. To start printing lower down on the page, you'd need to create on blank record for each label on the page that has already been used.

          You could enter the number of used labels on the page into a global number field, gUsedLabels and then have a script like this:

             Exit Loop if [YourTable::gUsedLabels < 0 ]
             New Record/Request
             Set Field [YourTable::gUsedLabels ; YourTable::gUsedLabels - 1 ]
          End Loop
          Sort Records [Restore ; No Dialog ] //Sort records so blank records are first in the sort order

          To add sufficient blank records to cover the used portion of the page.

          After printing, a script can be used to delete the blank records. (Instead of creating and deleting, some developers set up the table with oe less than a page's worth of blank records and just includes enough blank records in the found set to cover the used fraction of the page.)

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            Thanks for the help!

            I was able to use your sample here and think about it a bit along with finding another post (http://fmtechniques.blogspot.com/2009/12/speeding-up-related-record-creation.html) that was able to provide additional script steps to help me do exactly what I need.

            Here's my script:


            For a found set containing the records I want to print on a partial label sheet, I create related records in another table called "Labels", along with the desired number of "empty" label records (the user can specify which label to start on) and then print the records from the Labels table.