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Print labels question

Question asked by ToddNolan on Feb 10, 2015
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Print labels question


Problem: I want to be able to print client and spouse birthdays for each month using one found set   Removing the need to run a label layout two different times. One for client dob and one for spouse dob. 

I am using a clientTable. I have a client dob and a spouse dob. I currently have it up using two different drop downs to print one set of labels for client that month and one for spouse that month.  I'd love to merge the two results together due to the waste of labels on sheets. I don't want to just put both names on the labels if they're in the same month due to the fact that they might be mailed out on different weeks. 


Any suggestions? This isn't a big deal when using a label writer but for users using 30 labels per sheet Avery templates it can be wasteful over time. 


Thanks again.