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    Print Layout



      Print Layout



      I have 3 layouts on my database:

      Company List

      Company Details



      For some reason the printout comes out blank, on the preview and when i print.

      Any ideas what i am doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance



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            Your print button apparently performs a script that changes layouts before printing as the overall format is different. That script may not be correctly set up and isn't bringing up the same record or there is an issue with your print layout.

            A few details to note:

            Preview doesn't just preview the current record, it previews all records in your current found set. If the first record in your found set does not have any data in the fields, What you show is exactly what you would see on the first page of your preview. But you can click the book control to move through the pages of your preview just like you would move through records of your found set when the layout is in Browse mode.

            You may need to bring up the print layout in layout mode and clear the "delineate" check box found in Layout Setup.

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              Thanks very much for your answer - a couple of things:

              1. There is only one record in the whole database. So still don't understand why it comes up blank...

              2. The "delineate" is already unchecked.

              I think there is something else that i have done wrong or maybe not done at all.


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                Just because there is only one record does not mean that an error in the script cannot produce a found set of zero records and thus a blank report. It is also possible for your layout to specify something different in "show records from" in layout setup and thus refer to a table or found set that is empty of data.

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                  "show records from""show records from""show records from""show records from""show records from""show records from""show records from"

                  Thank you so much Phil.

                  That was it.... seems so stupid of me!!!

                  Your a legend!