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Print Layout Driving Me Crazy!

Question asked by BatchMaker on Mar 30, 2010
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Print Layout Driving Me Crazy!


I am using FM11 on OS X 10.6. 

I am attempting to create a print layout for a can label. The label dimensions are 7 1/4" tall by 21 1/4" wide. I finally found a printer that would feed this long of paper (Xerox Phaser 7500). So, I created the paper size: Page Setup> Paper Size> Manage Custom Sizes> 7.25 Width & 21.25 Height (landscape orientation). What happens when I print the layout is the fields are up to 7" more left than intended. I have played with the 21.25" Height (lowering it) and it appears to be centering the layout on the paper because the change is reflected by only half on the print (remove 4" from the paper size and move the text 2"). Also, there is a scaling down that happens when the page is set to the full 21.25".


I feel sure I will be on the phone with Xerox as well, I was just taking a chance that I'm missing something on the FM side.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.