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    Print layout even when there are no found sets



      Print layout even when there are no found sets


      Hi All, 

      PhilModJunk - I know you would definitely have a solution for me.

      Objectives - Printing a progress report that consist of a compilation of layouts which has the same project ID.

      My key identifier here is project_id. I have scripted for the FM12 to run through

      •  6 different layout,
      • find records from each layout which ties to the project_id
      • Save as PDF, with append feature enabled.

      The script works fine if there are records found for all 6 different layouts. Trouble comes when let say there are not records found in layout 3, the whole script will just exit. 

      Is there anyway, how I can get the system to generate a pdf even when no records are found ?

      My script are as attached.