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    Print Layout Questions



      Print Layout Questions


      I having difficulty with printing list in FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced. The fields in the body have a height of 14 points and the body part height is 16 points. I set the field heights to 9 points. I have 46 lines of data to print in body part. The report appears to either double space between the fields. I have set fixed page margins. I appreciate any suggestions or comments.



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          So are the fields 14 points in height or 9 points? In one part of your post, you give one size and then a smaller size in the other part. If your body is 16 points in height with a row of fields that it only 9 points, they would definitely appear approximately double spaced unless you either made the fields taller (and the font size larger) or you made the body layout part smaller.

          A screen shot of your layout taken while in layout mode might help clear up the confusion.

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            The less the discrepancy between the field height and the body part, the closer the lines will appear. IOW, if your body part starts at 77 points and is 11 points high (height), your field should start at the 78 point mark and be 9 points high.  You can even try making the body 10 or 9 points-9 might be too tight.  If you are printing actual fields instead of merge fields, you may have to play with the alignment (up, center, down), and tighten the field height.

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              Thanks for responses. I am working on field size and font sizes to find right combinations.

              The field size was 14 points and the font size was 9.

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                The smaller font size (9) in a field with a height of 14 will result in a larger space between rows of data than if the font size and the field height were the same or nearly the same.