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Print layout using most recent record from portal

Question asked by DanielPinder on Jul 5, 2011
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Print layout using most recent record from portal


Hello again,

I am seeking a creative solution here. For each record in my db, there is a portal containing date-sensitive notes on each record. I can create as many related records to enter notes into as I need. What i need to do is make a page layout for printing—in list view—containing the most recent related notes record for each primary record. The related table ("Cue Versions") contains a field called "datePresented" which can be leveraged to determine the most recent. How can I calculate the most recent related record (or determine it is the only record existing at this time) and display that related record only? The related records also have a self-generating "cueVersionID" field that I use as a key field to tie related records together to a single record in my primary table, in case that is handy to be used in a calc.

I tried, initially, making a portal in the print layout, but it made it way too large, and I might not have as many repetitions visible as I might need. If I could only display the most recent record containing the notes I need to print, I could fit perhaps 12 or more primary records and their notes on a single page.

Thanks for your help.