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Print layout using variables

Question asked by nolak37 on Feb 18, 2014
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Print layout using variables



     In a layout dedicated for printing only (the information here can be printed or exported as a PDF) I want to print only information from fields that have been filled out.

     Initially I had something like

     Name: <<Users::Name>>

     Age: <<Users::Age>> 


     Unfortunately with this situation if the age is not filled out the heading "Age:" is still being printed.

     I tried a script where variables are set to represent this information, using the "case" argument:

     $$Age = case ( Not isEmpty( Users::Age ) ; "Age: " & Users::Age; "" )

     and the layout is made up of these variables. The script now takes over a minute to execute where it used to take only seconds (2-5 seconds) before. As you can imagine this is not ideal, can anyone suggest a work around for this?

     Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 (latest version) on windows and mac

     FMS 11