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    Print multiple Finds on one page



      Print multiple Finds on one page


      I have a Table of names I want to sort into 3 categories and print them on a single page.

      I can write a script to Find the names in each category, but how do i print the 3 lists on a single page??

      Basically I have some names that have attended 1 class session , some 2 class sessions, & some 3 class sessions. I want to publish an attendance list on one page with the names in each category.

      Do I have to add 3 field names for each person with a database calculation that sorts them?

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          If there is a NumberOfClasses field, sort by that field.

          Create a Sub-summary when sorted by NumberOfClasses part on the layout.

          Put a Text Line in the Sub-summary part "Number of Classes - <<NumberOfClasses>>"
          This will produce the Text Number of Classes - 1" etc
          Click on the Summary Part label, color it and it will color the entire Summary Part.

          <<  >> marks are a Merge Field and will contain whatever is in the field within the marks.

          The report can be viewed in Preview Mode or on paper, not in Layout or Browse Mode.

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            I am in process of building my report letters using this approach by trial & error. When I create a New Layout, I choose the Report & sub-category form. I go thru the steps of selecting the fields I want to use, tne field I want to sort, the title on page, etc., then Finish. I then work on the positioning & arrangment of that page, but if I want to modify what i selected in building this layout, e.g., add fields, add/change sort fields, I have to start over with a new Layout. Is there a way to change the initial selections or is a new layout the only way?