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Print multiple pictures Loop

Question asked by MunjalKamdar on Mar 20, 2015
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Print multiple pictures Loop


Here is the situation:

I have a layout called "L1", which has its own table with multiple fields. It is an evaluation form (Picture FM: 1). As seen in the picture, there is a column setup for inserting multiple pictures, each under another. That layout has two buttons: "PRINT PICTURES" and "PRINT DATA SHEET". When I click on print pictures it prints all the pictures using different layout called "pictures". I am using the script that has structures like Freeze Window>Copy>Set Variable>Go to layout>Show All Records>Enter Find Mode>Paste>Perform Find>Loop>Set Field>Go to record/request/page [Next; Exit after last]>End Loop>Sort Records>Go to Layout>Print>Go to Layout>Else>Exit Script>End If

The problem is when I try to print the pictures, it prints only one picture and not all of them. I am almost sure that nothing is wrong with the script as it was working fine earlier, but when i tried to mess with the print picture layout to enlarge the size of the pictures being printed, it stopped working as it is supposed to.

I am not coder, I am a Mechanical Engineer, so I dont know quite alot about coding. All I know is from googling around. I appreciate all the help being offered.

Thank you.