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Print Multiple portals

Question asked by downbylaw on Jun 8, 2009
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Print Multiple portals


Hi guys,


I'm designing a standard invoice database in FM 10 advanced and I have a problem printing out the Order Layout (Print Order).

In my Form Order layout I have 2 portals that represent 2 different tables. They are both lines, one for Products (table) and one for Services (table).

How can I make to print filemaker the records from both tables?


I already tried to print 2 portals under eachother but I don't like the layout because if 1 of the lines is empty you have a lot of space under that portal.


So in a nutshell... I have 2 tables with line items that I try to print. But if one is empty I don't want that table to be printed. Between the tables on the print there is also text (ex. PRODUCT and SERVICE)


It should look something like this:



(line items Products)



(line items Services)


TAX     $$$ 

TOTAL  $$$ 



If one of the tables is empty I don't want it to just be white but to be 'dissapeared')

I also added an example so you would see what I mean.


Thanks a lot guys!