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print number of copies designated in a field

Question asked by goldensunflakes on Nov 19, 2008
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print number of copies designated in a field


I have a numeric field that will have a number, usually between 1 and 15, that will vary by record.  I would like to be able to print a form or layout for each record where the number of copies equals the number in this field.  So, lets say I find six records of interest.  This field has the following values across the six records: 1,1,3,1,5,3.  I would like to print my found set, and have it print one copy of the first, second, and fourth records, two copies of the third and sixth records, and five copies of the fifth record.  Is this doable?  i don't mind reading a reference or "how to" book if that is where I need to go to learn a solution if someone can point me the way.