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    Print only current record


      Print only current record


      I created a new print friendly layout that can be triggered by pressing a button linked to a script. The button brings the user to the new layout and the current record and presents the user with a print dialog box. However, the user has to manually select print current record from the print dialog box. Is their a way limit write the script that it only prints the current record? Here's the script:


      Go to Related Record [ From table: “Volunter Request”; Using layout: “Print Request” (Volunter Request) ] Sort Records [ Specified Sort Order: Volunter Request::Date Modified; ascending ]

      [ Restore; No dialog ]

      Go to Record/Request/Page

      [ Last ] Print [ ]

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          This post should have been made in the FM Pro Forum rather than Report an Issue...

          What I do is limit the current found set to just the current record. Then Records being browsed and Current Record options produce the same results.

          In a single user environment:

          Show All Records
          Omit Record
          Show Omitted Only

          Will isolate the current record.

          In a multi-user environment:

          Set Variable [$ID ; yourtable::PrimaryKeyField ]
          Enter Find mode[]
          Set Field [YourTable::PrimaryKeyField; $ID ]
          Perform Find []

          will isolate the record.