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Print only the active record!?!?!

Question asked by ELBENNETT on Jul 22, 2010
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Print only the active record!?!?!


I've already searched it through help, but the menu it talks about does not appear in my print window.

It says "Choose File menu > Print. To print Only the record currently selected in Browse mode Choose Current record" here is the online version

ANYWAY that isn't an option on mine I've included a copy of my print box dialogue

Is there any other way to do this, or somthing I need to download? Currently If I hit print it will print all of the records, or I can select 1 of 1 and it prints the first record, not the active one.

I DO NOT want to have to do a search for my current record to make it the only one shown or type in the page number to print, this will be used by several coworkers and that many steps is not an option.

Thank you so much,


Elise Bennett