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    Print Page Size Problems



      Print Page Size Problems


           I have created a label layout for printing Petri Dish Labels from one of my Dymo Labelwriters. I can not find the appropriate label size to match the page size in the printing options. I believe this is causing my labels to creep, print portions of labels on two different actual labels, and also printing out an extra label, each time I try a different page size to try to work with it. 

           Any suggestions on what page size to use?

           The label is 3/4" across and 1.5'' down. 

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               It's possible to define your own custom page size to fit the labels that you are using and this then adds that new page size to the list of page sizes that you can select from Print Setup.

               This is something you do via your operating system--not FileMaker. The exact details thus differ depending on whether you use a Mac or Windows.

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                 That worked perfectly. Thanks Phil!

                 One other question:

                 How do I get a script to save the page size? I have two buttons set up to print my labels as needed. 

                 Button 1 : Print Vial Labels --- the script has the page size saved in it

                 Button 2 : Print Petri Dish Labels ---- this script also has its page size saved in it


                 However, the page size in the script changes according to which page size I set last. How do I set my script up to make sure the page sizes are set to the appropriate size for each button?

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                   Do your buttons run scripts to print? Do the scripts include print set up steps that store the printer settings--including the page size?

                   We haven't had great luck with that approach on a FileMaker 10 solution I am responsible for, but newer versions should, hopefully do a better job of retaining the custom page size.

                   If not, I can suggest two work arounds:

                   Have the script pull up the records on the layout, enter preview mode and pause. The user then selects print from the print menu after also selecting the correct paper size. This can require teaching users what "records being browsed" means.

                   Get the MyFMButler plug in. It is supposed to offer script level control of the different printing options.

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                     I went back in to each script and added a print setup option right before the print command. This is now working seamlessly.  Both preset page sizes are now staying as they should. 

                     Is it normal to have to click "Ok" twice when running a print script as the one I am. 

                     I attached it below. 

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                       This is my last question for real this time. 

                       When I print my labels, I am printing them from a found set by pressing my print label buttons. Sometimes I do not need to print out some of the labels depending on what tests are being ran on the specimens. So, for instance, I never need to print a label that is a "Do Not Test" specimen. Is there a way to include in my print button scripts, that if a record is a Do Not Test record, then the labels will be skipped over, or not printed. 

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                         What you should do is set up the script to either perform a find or constrain the found set to remove those records from the found set before printing.

                         Here is a thread on scripted finds that may help: Scripted Find Examples