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Print range scripting for PDF on multi page layouts??

Question asked by WIZKID on Jan 15, 2009
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Print range scripting for PDF on multi page layouts??


Hi All:


I would like to replicate the print range functionality of MS Word in FM Pro 8.5.  FM print ranges are limited to successive pages only (i.e. print page 1-5).  It does not allow entering a print range 1-5, 7-9, 10-50 etc. with some pages skipped in the same batch (as in MS Word).  I can write a script to print pages 1-5, then 7-9, then 10-50 and have them come out on the printer just fine, but this doesn't work when my print output is PDF because it would generate 3 separate PDFs for each record.  Merging the separate PDFs into one document can be done manually, but would take forever if there are a large number of records being printed from the database.  Anyone have any ideas how to do this programatically?  Print the range with skips for record A as one PDF, then do the same for record B, then C, etc.


Much thanks in advance.