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    Print report in preview mode



      Print report in preview mode




      I facing a problem how to print the listed data in preview mode. I generate the report layout

      using sub-summary, and as you know, sub-summary only functioning in preview mode,

      not in browse mode. Below is my tables:


      I got 2 tables, research and expenses


      Research ( research_account_no, researcher_name, amount, status ....)

      Expenses (research_account_no, invoice_no, invoice_date ....)


      Relational field : research_account_no


      Report Example:


      Research Account No           Amount          Status

      ---------------------            --------          -------

      AQ123                               $10000         active

      RD356                               $25000         active


      Only 1 data is displayed in browse mode but many data in preview mode,

      How to print all the data in preview mode?


      You help much appriciated.



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          Thank you for your post.


          Whatever is displayed in Preview mode is also sent to the printer.  Therefore, you can go directly to Print at this point, but be sure to select the option to print "Records being browsed".  If you instead select "Current Record", then only one record will be printed.



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            In "Pre FMP 10" files, it's often handy to write a script that selects the report layout, finds the desired records, sorts them, enters preview mode and then pauses to show the sub-summary parts.


            While the script is paused, the user can pull down the file menu, select/configure a printer and print the report. The only draw back is you have to train your users to choose records being browsed in order to get the right output. The script can also be set to return the user to whatever layout/records they had on the screen prior to starting the "Preview" script. That way, continuing the script takes them back to their starting point.


            In FMP 10, Sub-summary parts are visible in browse mode which is very nice.

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              Thanks for your quick reply, it works.