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Print report in preview mode

Question asked by mayor on Jun 21, 2009
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Print report in preview mode




I facing a problem how to print the listed data in preview mode. I generate the report layout

using sub-summary, and as you know, sub-summary only functioning in preview mode,

not in browse mode. Below is my tables:


I got 2 tables, research and expenses


Research ( research_account_no, researcher_name, amount, status ....)

Expenses (research_account_no, invoice_no, invoice_date ....)


Relational field : research_account_no


Report Example:


Research Account No           Amount          Status

---------------------            --------          -------

AQ123                               $10000         active

RD356                               $25000         active


Only 1 data is displayed in browse mode but many data in preview mode,

How to print all the data in preview mode?


You help much appriciated.