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Print Report sends only one line to printer

Question asked by rcarbaugh on Mar 21, 2011
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Print Report sends only one line to printer


This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I would appreciate some input on possible solutions.  I'm a Mac guy, with a journeyman's knowledge of FMP, trying to set up a not-so-tech-savvy PC user from a distance, and she has a very strange printing problem.

I have set up a series of tables which essentially give a donor/donation one to many relationship.  By way of simple scripts and layouts, the file can generate monthly receipts, annual receipts and a few reports.  I sent her two identical files, one with dummy info to test the reports, and one empty clone to enter "live" data.  The Monthly Receipt script, for example, results in a single page per donor for a specific month, in Preview mode, with the organization info and donor info, as well as donations and total for that month.  You can scroll through each page in preview, and it looks appropriate.

When it is sent to the printer, however, it prints out one line of donations, but most of the text data is gone.  For the annual report, for instance, it prints one line, then the total, instead of two pages of donations.  Significantly, printing to a .pdf file generates the correct report, as seen on the screen.  That makes me think something is nutty in her print dialog or with the printer itself.

Now the caveats:  I am using FMP11 on a Mac, and this file works perfectly here.  Although I am new to FMP11, I have been using FMP since 3.5 came out. I am replacing a FMP7 database system that worked fine for years until the host's PC toasted.  She upgraded to Windows 7 and FMP11, and I am trying to get her setup again.  She is using a new Windows 7 machine, and an older color laser printer.

Obviously, I am working pretty blind, in that I am not familiar with PeeCees, I don't have all of the facts of her hardware, and she is limited in the info that she can give me from her end.

In an effort to save paper, she has printed tests using "Page 1 to 1" or "Page 3 to 3" types of commands.  It is possible that she has put in "Records 1 to 1" instead of pages, but I doubt that she is making that mistake.  Although she is not very computer-fluent, she is a brilliant author.

Anyway, if reading anything above triggers any kind of epiphany, please let me know.  I'll also be glad to send a dummy file to someone to see if it prints out okay on their PeeCee.