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    Print Screen mode blanks out layout



      Print Screen mode blanks out layout


      I am sure this is a newbie question.  I have created a new layout and am trying to make a print screen of it.  When I click on the print screen button or cmd u, the body of the layout goes blank. I am sure there is a simple answer.  Thanks for your help.


      This is now also happening on another layout of mine, but this time, only some of the layout pieces are missing.  Mainly text boxes in the header. 

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          Go into layout mode (Cmd-L)

          Open an Inspector window (Cmd-I)

          Select the tab 'Position' (Cmd-1)

          Select all the objects on the layout (Cmd-A)

          Uncheck the box at the bottom where it says: 'Hide when printing'.

          If you have a version of FM prior to 11, then you can find the 'Sliding & Visibility' part somewhere in the menu.



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            Also, when you enter preview mode, Preview mode displays all the records in your current found set starting with the first such record. This record may not be the current record on your screen when you enter preview mode. If this record does not have any data in its fields, the screen will be blank. You can check this while in preview mode by clicking the pages of the "book" control to flip through any other pages of your preview.