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    Print Script



      Print Script


      Hello All:::


      Can someone look at this and tell me why this script will not print...


       Or did I leave something out? ..


       Thank you ,



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          Do you want to print the script or is the script supposed to print the layout?  You have no Print script step.  Those Pause/Resume steps make no sense.  Can you just explain what you want to accomplish? :^)

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            I have a web viewer that has either an image file or a URL... to print this I'm trying to take the information from the web viewer and put it in a container and then print that container and then return to layout ,,the "print working" layout is just a layout that I have a HTML file that shows a printer printing< just for looks> ,, ..The reason I'm printing this way is because in the web viewer it will only print what is in the window not the whole thing. ..So Im trying take information out of the web viewer and place it in a container and then print the whole container.. 


             I'm using FMp10adv and it is in  runtime Kiosk .....