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    Print Script Definitions



      Print Script Definitions


      I want to 3 hole punch my SCRIPT DEFINITIONS but the print margins at the left margin is too close to the paper edge. How can I increase the print margins to .75 inches?

      Sorry for not being clear... I'm trying to print the DEFINITIONS from within the "Manage Scripts" pane. Thanks a "Punch."

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          lol, you can set the margins on a layout by, from layout mode, selecting Layouts > Layout Setup and the Printing tab.  Specify 'use fixed margins.'

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            Hate to suggest this, but you may need to use a PDF printer to print your scripts to a PDF file and then copy and paste the text from the PDF into another document such as a Word File or a Filemaker text field...

            If you Have FileMaker advanced, you can print your scripts in a database design report, which gives you other options for printing/viewing your scripts. (Never really saw much need for scripted hard copy myself as the printed scripts are not formatted for easy reading. I came up with a way to "pretty print" scripts with proper indenting whenever I have a complex script and need to print it out and scribble on it, but that doesn't appear to be what you are doing here.)

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              Wow, did I totally misunderstand this request.  Tongue out