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Print script not recalling printer settings

Question asked by Byron_2 on May 30, 2013
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Print script not recalling printer settings


     Hi all!

     I'm running a script to carry out the following:

     1. Print a shipping note on standard A4 paper, on a regular laser printer.

     2. Print product labels to go along with the order, custom size printed on a separate thermal printer.

     To achieve this I'm using 2 different layouts with a different Print () function for each layout - each one saved with the paper size, orientation etc for the relevant printer. HOWEVER the script doesn't seem to recall the printer settings... the documents are going to the correct printers but the sizes and orientation are wrong.

     Is there something I'm missing? I am using FM12 Advanced with Server 12. I hope FM12 can handle switching printers and it's not something I need to spend $$$ on for a 3rd party plugin.

     Any advice would be welcome!