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Print script not working

Question asked by Katatahdin on Oct 13, 2009
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Print script not working


Running Filemaker 7 version 7.0V3 on Windows XP


We have a networked printer a HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL that went down during a power failure, all the FM machines were on too. When the power was restored, the printer wasn't receiving. Port was the error, drivers were re-installed. Data format RAW driver name unidrv.dll


Now the printer receives the documents, but not the scripts, the document is no longer re-sized to fit. We hit a print button that says Preform Script ["PRN-Portrait 90% Current"]  this resizes the template to fill a standard sheet of paper. This also worked on our Sharp color printer and no longer does. If we go into printer settings and scale down to 90%, it just prints smaller and clips off the edges of the document.


What we're trying to do is figure out why the templates wont scale down. I made a duplicate of one of the templates and moved everything to fit in what I thought were the correct margins & is still clipped of the edges, just in different places.


One thing we are doing to get by is using a print to PDF. This saves it to a PDF file, and surprisingly, it scales perfectly, then we print that.


Any help would be appreciated. 


My skill level is minimum. I work with the system part time and understand a little of the layout and script writing through hands on work and what I've been shown by a developer when we converted from Mac to PC 3-4 years ago