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    Print script not working



      Print script not working


      Running Filemaker 7 version 7.0V3 on Windows XP


      We have a networked printer a HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL that went down during a power failure, all the FM machines were on too. When the power was restored, the printer wasn't receiving. Port was the error, drivers were re-installed. Data format RAW driver name unidrv.dll


      Now the printer receives the documents, but not the scripts, the document is no longer re-sized to fit. We hit a print button that says Preform Script ["PRN-Portrait 90% Current"]  this resizes the template to fill a standard sheet of paper. This also worked on our Sharp color printer and no longer does. If we go into printer settings and scale down to 90%, it just prints smaller and clips off the edges of the document.


      What we're trying to do is figure out why the templates wont scale down. I made a duplicate of one of the templates and moved everything to fit in what I thought were the correct margins & is still clipped of the edges, just in different places.


      One thing we are doing to get by is using a print to PDF. This saves it to a PDF file, and surprisingly, it scales perfectly, then we print that.


      Any help would be appreciated. 


      My skill level is minimum. I work with the system part time and understand a little of the layout and script writing through hands on work and what I've been shown by a developer when we converted from Mac to PC 3-4 years ago

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          Thank you for your post.


          Does this printing problem occur with all computers or just one computer?  If the former, then it sounds like the printer is not receiving the same information as it was previously.  Since you reinstalled all the drivers, I would go into FileMaker Pro, open a database file, go into Print Setup and reset all settings.  Then, go to Print, select the printer and try again.  This may reset the printer driver.


          If only one computer is having the printing problem, reinstall the printer driver, reset your printer settings, and try printing again.  If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Pro 7.



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               You may need to open the print scripts and re-specify the stored printer settings.
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              It is happening on all PC's. I did finally square away the drivers so they all match.


              Not exactly sure what path to take  to re-asign the print scripts to the new drivers?


              Some of the scripts work, some now dont.

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                "Not exactly sure what path to take  to re-asign the print scripts to the new drivers?

                1. Use script manager to open the script.
                2. Double click the step that stores the printer settings--either Print Setup or Print.
                3. Re-select the driver if you see a different one listed in the dialog that pops up.
                4. Save your updated script.