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    Print Script Page Orientation not saving



      Print Script Page Orientation not saving


      I have a script with a print step and under specify print options --> properties I set the orientation to landscape.

      FileMaker (13.0.3) does not seem to save this landscape option. 

      If I run the script, it prints portrait.  (it is not set to run without dialog)

      If I run it again, but select properties and look at the page orientation, it is set to portrait.  I can change it to landscape and it works fine as long as I keep the program open, but if I close the program and reopen the database it goes back to portrait? 

      Any ideas?

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          I had something similar with one of my files I was sharing with FMNet at that time. If I recall correctly I had saved the file with an obscure printer and paper size .. this became the application (filemaker default printer). It seems it was causing conflicts when I was trying to specify other printer settings and orientation to other printers.

          My work around to this (I'm not quite sure) on a Mac was to reset the filemaker default printer (not the Mac default printer) to a standard A4 portrait printer using the File,  Page Setup on the main menu,  then close the file. Then for any reports I could script the printer, settings and orientation I wished after that.

          Like I say, I'm not 100% sure but it did sort out the scripting of printer orientation.