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    Print Script problem



      Print Script problem


      I have a script that directs the current record to print to a specific printer specified in a "Print" script step. I have preceeded the "Print" step with a "Print Status" step to set landscape format and 4 X  6 Index Card. Both script steps have both boxes checked at the bottom ((Perform without dialog and Specify page set up on "Print Staus"  and Perform without dialog and Specify print options on "Print")). This script worked correctly in Filemake 6 but after the coversion to Filemaker 11 The printer that is used seems to be the last Printer selected manually by the user. We are using Filemaker Server 11 for this application.

      How can I direct the user to a specific Printer by scripting and not having the user select the printer?

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          Have you left these two script steps untouched since conversion to FileMaker 11 or have you tried respecifying the printer and settings in these two steps?

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            I have tried to reset the specified printer and the layout after the conversion.

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              I've been able to specify the printer by name in my systems, but we use a custom paper size in one of our systems and find that the custom paper size cannot be specified in the FileMaker script and then retained for each time the script runs.

              We have to manually select that custom paper size for our default printer at the start of each session. The manually specified paper size is then retained until we close and re-open the file. We've done this with a FileMaker 10 system and haven't tested it to see if it's necessary in FilMaker 11 or not as the clients are still set up with FileMaker 10.

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                Are you using Mac OS? If so, have you changed anything in the Print Preferences? The Default Printer has the option of being "Last Printer Used".


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                  I am using Windows XP. I set the "Print Status" to the desired printer and landscap to user defined 4X6 Index card. I next set the "Print" script to the desired printer and landscape with the user defined 4X6 index card. The printer is a shared printer on the network and is included in the managed printers on the server. It seems to always use the default printer from the last print selection. I can check for the dafault printer using get(PrinterName) but it does little good unless I am able to change the default printer in the script if it is not the one I wish to direct the print output.

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                    I have a similar issue.  I thought using Get(PrinterName) could be used to always drive the print out to the default printer, but in fact it simply retains the last printer selected manually.  (Windows 7.)

                    I smiled at someone a while back posing the question "What's the difference in function between 'Print Set Up...' and Print...' script steps, and the smile was wiped when I bothered to compare them both and realised that was a trickier question than I thought.  From the history of Apple and their dominance of print and pre-press I think it could be a historic distinction.  Anyway, the reason I raise it is just that there may be a difference in specifying certain things via one setting than the other?