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Print Script problem

Question asked by auger on Feb 14, 2011
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Print Script problem


I have a script that directs the current record to print to a specific printer specified in a "Print" script step. I have preceeded the "Print" step with a "Print Status" step to set landscape format and 4 X  6 Index Card. Both script steps have both boxes checked at the bottom ((Perform without dialog and Specify page set up on "Print Staus"  and Perform without dialog and Specify print options on "Print")). This script worked correctly in Filemake 6 but after the coversion to Filemaker 11 The printer that is used seems to be the last Printer selected manually by the user. We are using Filemaker Server 11 for this application.

How can I direct the user to a specific Printer by scripting and not having the user select the printer?