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    Print Script problem on WM 7 Win XP



      Print Script problem on WM 7 Win XP


      I have a problem I have several different printers on the server. When I make a script to print on particular printer Filemaker does not listen to me and print on the default printer. Printer names are less than 30 characters. I even tried to use a PDF printer, did not help. Please help me with a solution, if there is one.

      Thank You

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          I can suggest two work arounds. Neither are as user friendly as your scripts would be if they worked, but they may do the job for you:


          1. Don't use a script to select/set up the printer. Instead pull up the report in preview mode and pause. The user can then continue the script to return to the starting point or they can select print from the file menu to print the report. The main downside here is you'll need to educate your users about the difference between "current record" and "records being browsed". If you are always printing a single record, you can avoid this issue by isolating your current record in a single record found set and then both options produce identical results.
          2. Include a print step in your script, but clear the no dialog option so that the print dialog always appears for the user to select printer and print options.

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            Thank you for your answer, but I wanted to make it really easy, just click on the button and that's it.

            Also an interesting thing: I tried to switch my default printer to a different one and then make the script. Well it worked fine the first time I printed, but the second time it switched back to the printer that I had before as my default. That is really strange.