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Print Script Step

Question asked by walrus28 on Jul 1, 2015


Print Script Step


My database has several layouts that must each be printed differently. I am writing a script for each layout type to make it easier for a user to print each layout correctly. 

My script has a "print setup" script step that selects the correct paper size and orientation. Next it has a "print" script step that chooses the correct printer. I would like to add a step to choose the print options (eg. black&white/color, collated, paper feed, etc.). 

This database is only used on macs and I have made a print "preset" for each of my different layout types.

Currently, I have the "print" script step perform with a dialog box and the user has to manually select the desired preset from a dropdown field in the print dialog box. This is rather annoying, easy to forget, and seems unnecessary. Is there another way?


Print Script Step: