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    Print Script Step/Print Setup Script Set



      Print Script Step/Print Setup Script Set


           Hi everyone, had a question regarding these 2 scripts.  I have windows 7, FM Pro 12. 

           I need to use 2 different printers, to obviously print 2 different kinds of things.  When I script the printer setups for each layout, they don't seem to pick the right printer, orientation or paper.  Seems more like they always use the parameters for whatever was last printed.  Even when I go back in to edit the scripts, they now show the last print parameters, and not what I originally saved. 

           I tried it both ways, with just a Print Script step, and a Print Setup Script step.  It never seems to hold the information.

           It is suppose to?

           Any thoughts or feedback are greatly appreciated



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               You might check to see if the plug in FMButler is compatible with Filemaker 12. It provides script level support for interacting with the different options in the print dialogs.


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                 Hi Phil! Thanks for your response.  I guess what I was really wondering, was is it suppose to do what I want it to do (save all the print option)?  If so, then I need to figure out why it isnt, and if not, well thats a debate for another day.


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                   Which OS? I know on Mac there's an option to set the default printer to "last printer used". This overrides other settings. The only two sure fire ways to manage multiple printers in FM are to use a plugin or  write a routine yourself. Mac using AppleScript that calls shell scripts using CUPS. On Windows, don't know . . . Vb?

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                     You should be able to accomplish this within FileMaker.

                     Print Setup [] enables you to set things like page size and orientation, and you can specify this for specific printers if necessary.

                     Print [] enables you to specify numerous other output options, including FileMaker options, number of copies and various printer specific options.

                     I suggest you make a print script for each of your printers, and in each script set the above two steps. Once set up properly, these scripts should manage your printing correctly. Initially, to satisfy yourself that the scripts are behaving as expected you can leave dialog on so you get to interact with each step, but eventually you will probably want to run at least the first step without dialog. Name the scripts descriptively, eg. Print landscape using printer XYZ, or Print portrait using printer ABC. Then call the scripts as required.

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                       I agree that you should be able to do this within FileMaker. If keyword's directions don't work for you, create a new, small test file and try the steps again with the test file. The plug in offers even more specific control over your printer settings so it's an option to consider if all else fails.

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                         Thanks again Phil, and thanks for your response keywords.  I did have the script set up as you mentioned, both steps.  However it still doesnt save the options.  For example, if I print something on printer "1", then go to print something else from the same or another layout to printer '2', the options I set in the script steps for printing to Printer '2' dont appear--specifically the printer, paper, and orientation.  I'm going go thru the script steps, and delete, re-enter the steps to see if it helps.

                         Thanks again for the responses and guidance


                         edit: It is FM Pro 12, running on Windows 7 x 64, the printers are nothing special  HP Deskjet 5150, and an Epson  LQ-590 dot matrix

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                           I just re-did the script steps as directed by keywords--no luck.  And tried Phil's suggestion.  It will select the right printer, but doesnt change any of the parameters to the ones selected in the script step, just uses the parameters of whatever was last printed.  Looks like plug-in may be the best option, or manual changing everytime.

                           Thanks again to both


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                             As far as I know, automating the se of  multiple printers and setup steps has always been a no-go in native FileMaker. Unless you're up to doing a lot of pesky coding I suggest you shop around for one of several plugins that are available.

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                               I regularly switch between printers by script calls. The system I use is separate scripts for each printer; the script is named to match the settings I want so it is easy to call the appropriate one for each print run. I use a Mac; maybe it's different on Windows, although I wouldn't have thought so.

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                                 I've encountered some limitations with scripted control of the print process:

                                 While I can set up a script for printer 1 and a script for printer 2 and then my main print script can select for a printer by performing the associated script for that printer/page orientation combination, I can't get all the specified print options to "stick". In one of our solutions, the users select a custom page size each time that they open their file for the first time as that's the only way, short of a plug in that we can make sure that the custom page size is used when printing to a dot matrix printer loaded with preprinted NCR forms.

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                                   Thanks again for all the advice.  Phil's last post describes exactly whats going.  It's just myself as the sole user, so I'll stick with manual selection.  Even though the plug in is pretty inexpensive, I would be concerned (should I be concerned?) if a company stops supporting the plug in down the road.

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                                     Hi Steve,

                                     The behaviour you are experiencing sounds very frustrating, but I assure you, it is possible to do what you want to do in FileMaker without plug-ins. Here are a few more thoughts for your consideration:

                                     It sounds as if you may have conflicting control of the process which could be (1) the OS overriding FM in some circumstances (Windows may have its own stored default setup which it reinstates whenever possible), or (2) one script (eg. one triggered by a layout script trigger) conflicting with the main one, or (3) the script being bypassed somehow (eg. by printing from the menu control instead of a scripted button, in which case the OS would take over).

                                     Don't forget, it is important to run the Print Setup [] step before the Print [] step in your script, and you need to do this each time you need to switch page size/orientation or printer.

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                                       Just came across this post so I'm a little late to the party but I can confirm the issue specifically with the Print script step. I have it 6 times in one script changing the output tray and orientation. Any modifications you make to any of the instances of the Print script step changes all the others to the last one modified when you save the script. You can change one instance - save the script - reopen the script immediately and the modifications you made will be applied to all Print script steps. I am already working on separate scripts for each type of printing we do. Thanks for all the input.

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                                         Update; I  have created 4 script for different trays/orientation and the same thing happens. Each script only has the Print script step and no matter which one I edit each of the others has those setting when I open them again. I should mention that this is a shared printer on a Win 2003 Server but that should not matter. These print jobs were working in the past in the same config. Any other ideas?

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