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Print Script Step/Print Setup Script Set

Question asked by SteveMartino on Apr 22, 2013
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Print Script Step/Print Setup Script Set


     Hi everyone, had a question regarding these 2 scripts.  I have windows 7, FM Pro 12. 

     I need to use 2 different printers, to obviously print 2 different kinds of things.  When I script the printer setups for each layout, they don't seem to pick the right printer, orientation or paper.  Seems more like they always use the parameters for whatever was last printed.  Even when I go back in to edit the scripts, they now show the last print parameters, and not what I originally saved. 

     I tried it both ways, with just a Print Script step, and a Print Setup Script step.  It never seems to hold the information.

     It is suppose to?

     Any thoughts or feedback are greatly appreciated