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    Print setup



      Print setup


      FM 12. I'm confused. When should Print Setup be used? I seldom use it except if I'm developing a layout to print in landscape mode. I see it so I can see what fits on the page. You still have to set the print dialog box to landscape when printing the layout. In scripts, I just about always use just the the Print step. Print setup seems redundant. Does someone have a good explanation on when to use Print setup and why it's needed?

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          For one thing, you can use print setup when you need to specify printer options but you aren't going to actually print to a hard copy printer--such as specifying a landscape page orientation before Saving to PDF or when using Preview mode to preview a layout.

          Others have found it necessary to specify printer options in Print setup in scripts before the correct options "stick" for that specific script. This can depend on platform and FileMaker version.