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Print setup and scale for both mac and windows

Question asked by jetserkok on Sep 8, 2014
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Print setup and scale for both mac and windows


Hi All, 

I have several scripts of layouts that save them as pdf files. In that script I have a step that says 'print setup' and when trying to specify that print setup, it shows me the attached screenshot. When modifying the scale for example, it doesnt seem to save it into the script. The script step shows only: 

Print setup[restore; no dialog]

So I set it to 70% which works for one specific layout, but now its 70% for all layouts, which of course doesn't work for a lot of layouts and those get saved to pdf not correctly. 

Is there a way to set this straight? 

I work on a Mac and have currently no printer installed, but i wish to set this right for both Mac and Windows, regardless of what printer is being used. 

Hope there is a solution,