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    Print Setup on Mac VS PC



      Print Setup on Mac VS PC


      Filemaker 10 on PCs and Macs

      We have a layout and when we print any information on the layout, it prints perfectly using Macintosh computers.  The script sets the print setup to 89% and we get a perfect six page report with the proper page breaks.  However, when a PC user uses the same exact script, the layout prints on seven pages because it does not scale it 89%.  Is there anyway FileMaker can control the size of how something prints for PC users?  If I could just get the script to tell PCs to scale the pages by 89%, everything would be perfect.  Any ideas and does this make sense?  Thanks!

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          Others have reported this issue, which seems in large part to be due to a difference in what options are available to printer drivers on the two platforms.

          On windows, you'll need to create a new layout and scale the layout objects down to the size you need for printing. Then your script can switch layouts to print the report and switch back after printing. Since this layout will work for both Mac and Windows systems, you may want to use this for both, or you can include code in your script that detects the current platform and only switches layouts for Windows systems.

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            Perfect!  Thank you very much for your help.