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Print Sub-summary Report Summary Data to Text File?

Question asked by puzzledata on Aug 16, 2009
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Print Sub-summary Report Summary Data to Text File?


I have three different sources of data. One contains various entries for each date. The other two sources only one entry per client per day. After many attempts at mimic-ing the report the client has from a previous data system, I now have concluded it would be simpler to pre-process the one source of data in it's own filemaker database, prepare a subsummary report that would format everything with one customer entry per day to match the other data sources and then import it. 


These 3 sources of data are retrieved from different web interfaces for credit card processing and we have no control over the type of report we receive.


So I have the Database to summarize all the data and in the subsummary report it all exists exactly as I want to save it to an excel or csv file. However since all these fields are summary fields each for a different client the export records command is useless. I can print a pdf file which is great. I can then open the pdf file in acrobat and save to a text file.


Why can't I "print" all that subsummary data into a csv text file right from Filemaker? I think such a feature would be extremely useful.


Please help me learn how to best get that subsummary data into a text file that can be imported into another filemaker database first. Then if you have additional suggestions on how to summarize the entries by day for the overall project...let me know that as well.