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    Print to PDF consitent anomalies



      Print to PDF consitent anomalies



      When printing to PDF, all numbers on my layouts are either vertical straight lines [with thousand separators], so 1,000 becomes |,|||  , 75.50 is  ||.||  .

      Or when using File | Send/Save Records as PDF, the same is true except the vertical lines are square boxes.

      The problem occurs when the font is non-bolded.  Bolded looks correct, as in the actual figures are represented correctly.

      Am using Arial 8 , 9, and 10 fonts only.

      Also, this occurs using, 300, 600, and 1200 dpi.

      When printing to paper, the problem does not occur, everything looks fine.

      Any ideas as to what is going on????



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          What operating system and what version of that OS?

          What font was specified?

          This sounds like a different font is being substituted during the PDF creation process.

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             OS is Windows 7 64.

            Every font is Arial 8, 9, or 10.  I have now removed every other font from the database.


            Here is an example of the font when using File | Save/Send Records as Excel ...


            .. It is definitly not Arial [Excel says its Verdana, which it's not -- looks like a wide monotype].   It stands out distinctively from text fields in Excel, which apparently are Arial or Verdana.  Also, it's the same font that's causing an issue with the Mac in number fields.

            To be clear, what appears in number fields in my Filemaker database is Arial.


            For comparison, here is Arial in Excel, that I just typed into another sheet ...


            This only occurs when the number fields are non-bolded.  Bolded numbers look "too" bolded [bluury, like on the Mac], but any text fields look fine.


             When *exporting* to Excel, everything is fine --- ie all fields come in as Calibri [looks like Arial], but there is no formatting. So 69.50 is 69.5 .


            When using File | Save/Send to PDF, all number fields are square boxes [with thousand separator or % sign appearing properly].

            When *printing* to PDF, all non-bolded number fields are vertical lines [with thousand separator or % sign appearing properly].


            If I clone the database, and import the records, the same anomalies occur as above.

            However, if I create a new database, and import the table, it looks fine in PDF and Excel.


            This problem does not occur from other databases, ie some training files.


            This is extremely frustrating, as I definitely need both PDF and Mac capabilities.

            Any ideas would be most sincerely appreciated.












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              That is weird and I'm not seeing issues with PDF on my Windows 7 laptop. Clearly, your arial font is being substituted for another font when the Save as action generates the PDF, but I don't know why.

              I'd try intalling a few other basic fonts such as times new roman and then make some PDF's with this font. I'm wondering if the installed Arial font file on your machine is somehow corrupted or is not a true type version of that font...

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                All those fonts were in there prior to this.  Tried PDF w/Times New Roman, same problem.

                Was thinking of uninstalling/reinstalling FM Pro Adv 11, but the issue does not happen from other databases.

                Would be glad to upload a file to 4shared so you can see what's happening.  ???



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                  but the issue does not happen from other databases.

                  Other FileMaker databases? Or different database applications altogether?

                  If this only happens with a specific file, try recovering the file to see what recover reports.

                  Do you have another windows machine that you can move this file to and test it on? What's not clear to me yet is how likely this is that it's a Windows 7 issue, a FileMaker Issue or an issue with one specific FileMaker file.

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                     Tried it on two other windows machines, same problem.

                    Also tried recovering the file, same problem.


                    Here's the same file I uploaded quite a while ago now.

                    Just tested it, and ... same problem.  Let me know if it occurs on your machine ....



                    Thanks Phil.


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                      That link pops up a list of 4 files. Which am I to download and examine?

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                         The first one, Test-ProjectsEvents.

                        I guess 4shared only allows you one link for all files.    ??



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                          If you right click a listed file and select properties, you can get to a download link that is specific to a given uploaded file.

                          Found the issue. For some reason, the data formatting, down in the Japanese section, specifies "Full width" instead of "half width". Change this back to the default "half - width" setting and the PDF should generate correctly.

                          That was a Weird one and I almost didn't find it...

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                             THANK YOU !!!!

                            That *was* a weird one.  No idea why it was like that, but then again ... I wouldn't have any idea that it should be half-width anyway.  Am sure it's my fault though, probably by changing it way back when.

                            Now I have to go thru a few hundred fields and change them all to half-width, but all things considered that's ok.

                            Thanks again Phil.


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                              You can speed up the corrections a bit by selecting groups of number fields and then updating their number formats all in one step. This asumes that they should all have the same number formatting to begin with.

                              FileMaker makes this kind of Oops more of a problem given that layout formatting options seem to 'creep' into becoming the default settings very easily. Clearing that unwanted "default" often requires making a special effort to specify the format while no layout object is selected. This is one that had me going as I tried creating a new layout and importing into clone of the file to filter out some data and layout issues only to find the problem persisting. Only when I thought to compare the number format settings on your file to one of mine did I spot the fact that "half-width" is supposed to be the default setting for non-Japanese Characters.

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                                I imported into a clone as well, and the same problem existed.

                                Although I've worked internationally, wouldn't have known the [Japanese] setting, as it's just not something I've ever seen before in this context.

                                Looked at it more than once in trying to figure this out, and thought it fine.  Whomever would think "Japanese half-width" to be a default setting that would matter so much ??!?

                                At any rate, thanks again for deducing this.

                                It was a BIG problem.