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    Print to Specific printer with script



      Print to Specific printer with script


      Windows / FM 13

      I am trying to write a script that prints something to a specific printer, not the default printer for the computer (without any user intervention).  I know the user could manually change this, but it leaves a lot of room for human error.  Is there a way to automate selecting a specific printer with a script?



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          You might consider the MyFmButler plug in.

          But your script should also be able to explicity specify a printer with the print setup and print script steps. The issues that typically arise is when one user needs the script to use "printer A" and another "Printer B". Then you end up with little print scripts that specify one specific printer with an IF block that selects which script to perform or a plug in in order to better control the printing process.

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            I had a setup similar. You can set up scripts for each printer, page orientation, tray etc. Only works well with small offices with a small number of printers. I found that if you have to have at least two script steps for each print style/printer; "Print Setup" & "Print". As I recall, the default printer and print setup is changed each time you run the script, so it is important that you run a print script for each print job to eliminate problems. Maybe a little tedious, depending on your solution size, but it does work.

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              Thanks!  It works exactly like you said.  It actually changes the filemaker default printer, which is unfortunate. It would be better if it just printed to the specified printer and left the default alone.

              I think I can make this work though.

              Appreciate the help!