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    Print Two Columns of Data



      Print Two Columns of Data


           I am trying to print a roster of Members.  Each company will have one primary member and may have an alternate member.  I would like to print the members side by side.  Each record has a field that designates the member as a primary or alternate.  Each record contains general contact information such as name. address, phone, etc.

           I would like to be able to sort them be company name with primary members in left column, and alternates (if any) in right coumn with both members aligned along the top.  There would be a blan space on right if there were no alternate member.

           Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

           Thank you

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               I am assuming this relationship:


               Companies::__pkCompanyID = Members::_fkCompanyID

               If so, you can place two one row portals to Members on a layout based on Companies. Filter the left hand portal to show the Primary member and filter the right hand portal to show the alternate member.

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                 There are at least 8 fields of contact information.  Some have a second address line and some do not.  I still need to align all the data and move fields up to print a roster.  

                 I have decided to duplicate the primary table to create a secondary file.  I can then relate the files to the company file (unique code) and show all the fields on standard report.