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    Print won't work for new records



      Print won't work for new records


      I am using Filemaker 11, I have OS  Windows XP

      I started with Filemaker 7 and around the end of January 2010 it started doing the following:

      When I enter a new person into the database, it will not print the badge for that person, it prints someone already in the system. I have to enter information and then "find" and pull it up again and then it prints.

      So, I thought that the program was old and breaking down and I purchased v. 11. The problem continues to this day and I don't know what to do.

      It is very time consuming doing registration and having to go through extra an step to print a badge.

      Someone please help.

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          You'll need to examine the structure of your database and how your relationships are set up. It sounds like you have two layouts. One for data-entry and one for your badge printing. I'm guessing that the two layouts refer to the same data source table, but different table occurrences. Each table occurrence has it's own found set, current sort order and current record. Thus the need to perform a find on the badge printing layout before you can print it.


          Table Occurrences are the "boxes" you see in Manage | Database | Relationships. Data Source tables are what you see listed in Manage | Database | Tables. If you double click a table occurrence box, you'll see the name of its data source table. When you check layout setup... for each table you'll see its table occurrence name in the "show records from" box.


          You can select a different table occurrence in layout setup... to get both layouts on the same table occurrence, but then you'll also have to double click each field while in layout mode and respecify them to select them from the same newly selected table occurrence.


          Another option is to write a script that uses a unique identifier such as a serial number field from your data entry layout to perform the find for you on the print layout when you click a button. That way you get a script that can switch layouts, perform a find to get the badge record and then preview or print it for you.