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    Printer asks for A4(R) paper



      Printer asks for A4(R) paper


           When I try to print ANYTHING from FileMaker Pro 7 to our Sharp laser printer, an error dialog box pops up on the printer telling me to load A4(R) paper.  A4 is the "metric" paper size...we do not have it or use it here.  This happens even when ALL SETTINGS on the page set up are for "US Letter".  I talked to the tech. support people for Sharp, and we could set the printer to automatically print A4 on US Letter size paper, but this just "shrinks" the print job to fit the US letter size paper.  So... when printing labels, the address creeps up or down as the sheet is printed, and eventually is not even completely on the label.  Frustrating!!   (Using Avery 5160 labels)  Evidently fmp7 is sending a command to the printer to look for A4(R) paper even after  changing the settings in page setup.  Any work around or help available for this issue, besides spending the $$ for the latest version of FileMaker Pro?

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               FileMaker 7 is a very old version of FileMaker. It's possible that you will need to upgrade to a newer version in order to resolve this.

               I would guess that this previously worked before. What changed? New computer? New printer? or ???

               Before you go that route, here are some options to try:

               Make a brand new simple test file if you have not already done so. Try printing from it to see if you get this issue. If you do not, there's something wrong with your original file.

               Try printing to or saving as (if this Save AS PDF exists in FileMaker 7) a PDF and then try printing the PDF to your printer. A pain to do every time, but may allow you to avoid the upgrade (though you may soon run out of OS versions in new hardware that allow FileMaker 7 to work....)

               Your Sharp printer tech support person probably already covered this one, but make sure that you have the latest printer driver downloaded and installed.

               And sometimes, some printers in the Windows world can be substituted for the one specifically supplied for your printer. If Sharp tech support can identify an alternative driver to use, you might try that option. It's a major long shot, but costs you nothing to try.