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Printer asks for A4(R) paper

Question asked by CarlStreeter_1 on Mar 17, 2014
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Printer asks for A4(R) paper


     When I try to print ANYTHING from FileMaker Pro 7 to our Sharp laser printer, an error dialog box pops up on the printer telling me to load A4(R) paper.  A4 is the "metric" paper size...we do not have it or use it here.  This happens even when ALL SETTINGS on the page set up are for "US Letter".  I talked to the tech. support people for Sharp, and we could set the printer to automatically print A4 on US Letter size paper, but this just "shrinks" the print job to fit the US letter size paper.  So... when printing labels, the address creeps up or down as the sheet is printed, and eventually is not even completely on the label.  Frustrating!!   (Using Avery 5160 labels)  Evidently fmp7 is sending a command to the printer to look for A4(R) paper even after  changing the settings in page setup.  Any work around or help available for this issue, besides spending the $$ for the latest version of FileMaker Pro?