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Printer in script randomly changes

Question asked by CaitlinMcKelvie on Apr 18, 2014
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Printer in script randomly changes


     I have a series of scripts set up to print off our annual membership card.

     Script #1 opens the card, Script #2 prints the card, and Script #3 performs both scripts (it is set up with way because we have different print settings for several different prints of the card, so it was easier to combine different #1 scripts and #2 scripts than make a unique script for each one)

     The problem I am having is with script #2. Almost everything that gets printed off goes to our Xerox printer. However, these cards get sent to a different printer. This is what script #2 looks like:

     Print Set Up [Restore; No Dialog]

     Print [ Restore; C4700 Series-1; No Dialog]

     Most of the time, this script works just fine. However, sometimes it starts printing to the Xerox machine. When I go to look at the script, it looks the same as it does above. However, when I go into the Print [Restore; C4700 Series-1; No Dialog] part of the script, even though it shows that it is supposed to print to the C4700 Series-1 printer on the overview, it says that it is set to print to the Xerox. This has happen 6 or 7 times in the last few weeks, but I haven't had this problem for the first few months of the database being active.

     I cannot figure out why it is randomly switching printers, or why it isn't showing in the main part of the script that it is printing to the Xerox, and it still says it is printing to the C4700 , but it shows Xerox when you click in it.

     This might be important, but I don't know why. You have to be plugged into the C4700 for it to print, but the Xerox is wireless. Whenever we have had this problem, the computer has always been plugged into the C4700. One person always uses that printer, and she is the one who prints off these cards. I don't think that this should make a difference.