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printer is not connected to port

Question asked by brianwerder on Aug 14, 2013
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printer is not connected to port


     We have Filemaker 11 and filemaker 12.

     Use own Asset database with filemaker 12 and KAMAR with filemaker 11.

     Having  same problem on both filemaker versions.


     Error message is

     Printing can not continue because printer is not connected to a port. Use the Control Panel to set up a port.


     Have done a complete new install of windows 7 64 bit, installed new printer drives, stopped and started spooler, have not allowed

     bonjour to install when have done complete installs of filemaker 11 and 12.


     One printout goes through but get the above error on second printout.


     Have used a variety of network printers HP, Fujixerox and Brother but still get same result. Printing to direct attached USB printers is

     not a problem.


     While Filemaker stops the printing of any pages from within a filemaker database I can still print using word or other applications and

     the same printer, that is the error is still showing from within Filemaker and still cannot print using filemaker.


     We have 100 plus users using KAMAR and Filemaker 11. No problem for users who are still using WindowsXP (still have about 20

     out of 450 computers using WindowXP, rest Windows 7 64 bit)


     Hope someone can help

     Brian Werder

     IT Manager