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Printer Settings not persistent

Question asked by SirFatty on Nov 19, 2008
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Printer Settings not persistent




I have a very simple database set to print labels.  There are 4 fields and one report layout used to print to a Dymo printer using a specific label.


Using the script (or the print setup), I can successfully change to the correct page size:  30256 Shipping Label.  It will stay configured for the remainder of the session, until exiting the program and running it again.  Then the default page size is reset to 30252.


I am using FMP v9, the Dymo printer is a Dymo 330 (which I have networked).  Also, the print queue is configured with the correct page (the 30256) by default as well.  


This issue has plagued me for a while, and would like to avoid having to purchase a third party app that might not address this issue (not to mention adds another layer of complexity).


Any help is very much appreciated.