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Printers that work properly with FM 12?

Question asked by JeanAnneMayhall on Mar 1, 2013
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Printers that work properly with FM 12?


     I am seeking input from businesses that use FM 12.  I have been using Filemaker since the mid 90s.  I am seeking info:  Can anyone give me a model number of a high-end printer that runs well and fast on FM 12.  (Without using the 'Print to pdf' workaround that FM has suggested.)
     I am a loyal fan who has spent a lot of money over the years keeping up to date with versions of this great software.

     However I recently converted my office to FM 12.  Within 3 days I had to remove it all...and go back to 11.  The single reason was >  PRINTING.  We print about 300 letters a day (and all of our invoices and other docs) directly from FM.  Our company runs on FM.

     When I converted back to 11, every printing issue ceased.  We were back in business.  Note: I have already done serious troubleshooting with FM and my printer company.

     Thanks in advance for names of any printers that work WELL and fast with regular priting using FM 12.