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Question asked by classof62 on Jan 27, 2010
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I'm using FilePro 8.5v2.  I do little work in database so felt no need to upgrade.

However, since I upgrades to Snow Leopard on my Mac I've discovered problems

#1 I can not print from FilePro.  I can work around by saving as a pdf file and then printing from there.

However, my main use for database in mailing lists and labels.  Since my upgrade to Snow Leopard labels no longer align properly on the label paper.  I've chosen the proper Avery code but when I preview the bottom row of labels does not show.  And when I print, the first couple rows of labels are okay but as I go down rows the printed portion does not fall in the label itself.

I've tried numerous layout tweaks but have had no success.

Is 8.5v2 simply incompatible with Snow Leopard?