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      I'm using FilePro 8.5v2.  I do little work in database so felt no need to upgrade.

      However, since I upgrades to Snow Leopard on my Mac I've discovered problems

      #1 I can not print from FilePro.  I can work around by saving as a pdf file and then printing from there.

      However, my main use for database in mailing lists and labels.  Since my upgrade to Snow Leopard labels no longer align properly on the label paper.  I've chosen the proper Avery code but when I preview the bottom row of labels does not show.  And when I print, the first couple rows of labels are okay but as I go down rows the printed portion does not fall in the label itself.

      I've tried numerous layout tweaks but have had no success.

      Is 8.5v2 simply incompatible with Snow Leopard? 

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          Apple Discussions are sometimes a good source of specific problem advice.

          This thread is about printing. It 10 pages long. It offers links to find if you printer is supported and links for updating the driver.


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            OSX Snow Leepard seems to have left behing PostScript One Fonts

            The options seem to be...

            Reset docs to current compatible fonts

            Reconstruct PS1 to current availabily fonts

            Buy compatible font versions.

            Adobe Fonts

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              "#1 I can not print from FilePro.  I can work around by saving as a pdf file and then printing from there."

              This is a known issue and the only fix is to upgrade to a more recent version of filemaker.


              printing problems with leopard 10.6.2


              "when I preview the bottom row of labels does not show. "

              This is an issue that's been around for years and is more of a printer issue than a filemaker issue though in your case snow leopard font issues may be a factor. Most printers cannot print all the way to the trailing edge (bottom edge) of the paper. If the distance between the edge of the paper and this lower limit is larger than the 1/4" footer of many label pages, filemaker thinks the last row of labels will not fit on the page and starts a new page. In your case, font issues may have slightly increased the vertical space your label's text is taking up and this may have tripped the premature page break.


              Things you can try to adjust your layout so that it prints correctly:


              If your labels "creep" down lower and lower on each row of labels, select the body part while in layout mode (click the part label) and use Object Info to reduce the height of the body by one pixel and see if the result is an improvement.


              You can try deleting any footer part that may exist in your label.


              Sometimes a one or two pixel reduction of the header height is small enough to keep the label's text within the edges of your label but fixes the blank bottom row.