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      1- My last field is too long to fit on one page as I am continually updating it.  How do I get the info to print on a second page

      2 - How do I set a page break so that each record will appear on a separate page

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          Edit the Part Setups…  You may have to add extra parts (header, body, footer, etc.) or allow the body to break across page boundaries to control the pagination. 


          To define page breaks and page numbering for a part:
          1.In Layout mode, choose Layouts menu > Part Setup.
          2.In the Part Setup dialog box, select the part, then click Change.
          You can also double-click the part label on the layout.
          3.In the Part Definition dialog box, specify pagination options.

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            Thanks,  I did get one record per page, but I still can't get the last field to continue on a second page. 

            By the way, what is meant by "occurrence." 

            I'm on a trial basis and am going to invest in FP for Dummies - obviosuly, I need it.

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              Can you position the last field in the Footer part and add a page break after the body and footer?


              "Occurrence" is most often used in the context of one or more representations of a Table on the Relationship graph (File>Manage>Database…).  



              As for FP for Dummies…please get a copy for me too. :smileywink:

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                You may also be able to place that extra field in a subsummary part if there's a sort order you can always use with your report.


                Sort your records by some field that uniquely identifies each record (such as a serial number field).


                In the subsummary part, specify this same field as the "Sorted by" field.


                (This setup makes sure your field appears once for each record in your report.)


                Now you can specify a page break just before this part to make sure it always prints on the following page.