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      I have a question that I hope is just an easy solution that I overlooked:


      I have a report that has to be printed as a Portrait and only as "Current Record" but I also have another report that needs to be printed as a Landscape and "Records being Browsed."


      When one printer option is selected it saves for the entire database.  Is there a way to set up so each layout prints a saved specification?


      Thank you!

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          You can add a print button, or, if you have FileMaker Advanced, install a custom menu, to perform a script that prints your report. Each such script can store the settings you want for each combination of Records being browsed/Current record and page orientation that you need.

          You can also script the print process for the "current Record" layout to isolate the record in a found set of only one record. Then both options produce the same result when the user prints the report.