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    Printing "Invisible" part of portal



      Printing "Invisible" part of portal


           FILEMAKER PRO 13


           One page layout with two parts:

           Part one: information about place

           Part two: portal containing personal information (::Person) with 7 rows



           Print a booklet with informations - one place and all persons living there on one page.



           Few places have more than 7 persons living there, so portal doesn't fit into one page.



           Make two layouts (first with one page for places with less than 7 person and second with two pages for places with more than 7 persons), export each place into separated PDF and then combine it somehow into one file.


           But I hope that exists better solution :)

           Help, please!

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               Take a look at how the Invoices starter solution prints an invoice.

               It uses a list view layout based on the portal's table for printing an invoice with fields from the parent table included in the header, footer or a grand summary part. With this method, you use a script with a scripted find or Go to Related records to change from your current layout to change to the print layout where you find all portal records for the current record on your original layout in order to print them.

               You can modify this method by putting the parent record fields in a sub summary layout part to serve as a "sub heading". Then you can find all records and sort them by the Match field used to link your records to group each set of Person records under a Location heading.